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State-by-state API Validation for Metrc: skip the work for these states

Cannabis API

One exciting aspect of the regulated cannabis industry is its continuous growth into new states and markets. And of course one fundamental aspect of technology is that it’s nearly free to replicate our products. Together, this makes for a powerful combination as more states open up and we scale our cannatech tools to enter entirely new markets.

One of the few stumbling blocks to this expansion is if your software integrates with the state system – each new state can mean a new integration, or at the very least a new validation process to get your API key. If you’re like me, you might have sat through so many Metrc API classes by now that you can almost recite them from memory. But did you know there are a few corners you’re allowed to cut?

While most states do require you to go through the motions of classes and validation exercises no matter how many times you’ve done them before… some states don’t! In some cases the validation processes of established states are trusted, and all you have to do is submit a User Agreement.

Check out this list, accurate as of 2018:

  • Alaska – if your software is validated in Colorado or Oregon, you only need to submit the User Agreement
  • Michigan – if you’re validated in Oregon, just submit the User Agreement.
  • Montana – if you’re validated in both Colorado and Nevada, you only need to submit their User Agreement.
  • Nevada – if you’re validated in both Colorado and Oregon, you only need to submit their User Agreement.

Unfortunately all the other states do still require individual sandbox validation, but validating your software in 4 new markets with nothing but a signature is not bad!