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2019 Predictions Round-Up; cannatech edition

Photo by Caio Resende from Pexels

As the new year kicks off, what can we expect in 2019? Below is a round-up of blog posts and articles from cannatech companies or about the cannabis and technology industries. Check them out and let us know what you think!

MJ Freeway: 10 predictions for the cannabis industry in 2019

MJ Freeway is a leading software provider in the cannabis industry and at almost 10 years old, they’ve seen quite a lot! Here’s what they see coming next:

  1. Trump Publicly Helps Cannabis through Executive Action
  2. Consolidation Accelerates
  3. The Public/Private Funding Gap Widens
  4. Canada Has a Reckoning
  5. Latin American Production and Export Change the Direction of the Industry
  6. Spain Passes Federal Legislation, becoming the Colorado of Europe
  7. Brands Become Real
  8. CBD Standards Emerge
  9. Consulting Becomes Data Driven
  10. Globalization Becomes More than Pins in a Map

Check out their blog post for more analysis and insight about each of MJ Freeway’s predictions!

Simplifya: 3 cannabis industry predictions for 2019

Simplifya’s compliance software and legal know-how is helping licensees stay on the right side of the law in multiple regulated markets. They bring their expertise to bear on the coming year and make big predictions on the future of legalization:

  1. Cannabis Reform at the Federal Level
  2. Recreational Cannabis in New York
  3. Recreational Cannabis in Illinois

Each predictions is backed up with analysis and linked sources on their blog!

Cannabiz Media via MJBiz’s Chris Walsh: 2019 Marijuana Industry Predictions and Trends

Cannabiz Media’s software and data aggregation helps power businesses across the regulated markets, but smart businesses know an expert when they see one. Here they break down Chris Walsh’s keynote address from MJBizCon and analyze what the industry can expect.

The post has a lot of analysis and data-backed specifics, but highlights five predictions Chris made for 2019 at the end of his address:

  1. At least six countries will legalize medical marijuana, and at least one will legalize recreational marijuana.
  2. The Canadian bubble will pop (or deflate).
  3. Three states will legalize medical or recreational marijuana. He mentioned New Jersey, Illinois (with its new pro-marijuana governor), and New York as possibilities.
  4. A sizeable mainstream company will make a US marijuana play.
  5. There will be a federal breakthrough related to cannabis.

Check out their blog post for more data and analysis to back up Chris’s insights!

AlleyWatch: 10 Predictions for the Tech Industry in 2019

AlleyWatch describes itself as “the largest organization focused on the New York technology, startup, and entrepreneurial ecosystem” so while they aren’t focused on cannatech, our industry gets a mention in their look forward to 2019:

Prediction #2: The cannabis industry will embrace technology wholeheartedly

2019 will be the year that cannabis companies start to utilize technology to grow their businesses. While the ecosystem remains highly fragmented and murky, technology will allow companies to build a more robust infrastructure, and better meet the demands of its consumers. As cannabis becomes less of a taboo subject and more of a revenue driver, expect to see more brands branching out into the space.

Forbes: Predictions For Cannabis 2019 From Entrepreneurs On The Front Lines

This piece in Forbes from contributor Julie Weed focuses on cannabis at large but gives a shout-out to cannatech company PotBotics:

Thirty states allow medical marijuana, and continuing advances in laboratory testing and data analytics will improve product consistency and medical benefits said David Goldstein, chief executive of PotBotics Inc., a data aggregation and technology business focused on the global medical cannabis market. These advances will improve reporting and spur better testing methods he said, “the cannabis industry can now expect a new data driven era.”

Did we miss any cannatech company predictions, or have any predictions of your own? Let us know. And of course, Happy New Year!