CannaTech IO Podcast, Episode 1

Tuesday, April 23rd

In this episode we interview Kim Stuck, the world’s first cannabis health inspector and an industry compliance expert!

Doctors want software engineers to spend more time in hospitals; do we spend enough time in dispensaries?

Thursday, March 14th

I’m a frequent visitor to the YCombinator forum “Hacker News” and a recent discussion there struck me as very relevant to cannatech and any teams that build business software. The CNBC article, titled “Doctors are asking Silicon Valley engineers to spend more time in the hospital before building apps” focuses on the work of Dr. …

Is traceability a good use-case for the blockchain? Using’s evaluation process

Sunday, January 27th

In our last cannabis and blockchain post, we mentioned traceability systems as a possible use-case for blockchain technology in our industry. We concluded that it’s at least an interesting idea, to bring these two emerging industries together and to demonstrate how the blockchain could help run a fundamental aspect of the cannabis industry. But is …

2019 Predictions Round-Up; cannatech edition

Wednesday, January 2nd

As the new year kicks off, what can we expect in 2019? Below is a round-up of blog posts and articles from cannatech companies or about the cannabis and technology industries. Check them out and let us know what you think! MJ Freeway: 10 predictions for the cannabis industry in 2019 MJ Freeway is a …

Just for fun: A few questions about Metrc’s holiday snowflakes

Tuesday, December 4th

When a licensee friend recently told me that Metrc had added festive snowflakes to the app background, I had to see for myself. Sure enough, just navigate to the login page to see the fun: I thought it was worth answering some of my friend’s questions, and I have a few of my own! 1. …

State-by-state API Validation for Metrc: skip the work for these states

Wednesday, November 28th

One exciting aspect of the regulated cannabis industry is its continuous growth into new states and markets. And of course one fundamental aspect of technology is that it’s nearly free to replicate our products. Together, this makes for a powerful combination as more states open up and we scale our cannatech tools to enter entirely …

Blockchain and Cannabis: Two Possible Use Cases

Friday, November 16th

From first impressions, cannabis and the blockchain don’t seem to have much in common. While the cannabis industry cultivates a plant dating back to ancient times, the blockchain was invented in the past decade. For many people cannabis represents an almost spiritual achievement of pure nature, while the blockchain is a digital concept that only …

California’s approach to Med/Rec supply chains will affect cannatech software

Tuesday, October 2nd

As California plans (threatens?) to roll out the Metrc traceability system to licensees this fall, there is one big question on the minds of most cannatech insiders: will they silo the med/rec supply chains like Colorado/Washington/Oregon, or will they take Nevada’s approach in making that designation at the point of sale? This decision will have …

MJBiz: Metrc wins more than half the states that require traceability systems

Tuesday, September 11th

Just a few days after our own post about traceability contracts on this blog last week, MJBiz has come out with their own analysis, concluding that “one company appears to be pulling away from the pack with its recent contract victories.” That company is of course Franwell (makers of Metrc) which MJBiz notes has landed …

State-Mandated Tracking Software, Broken Down by Market

Monday, September 3rd

Especially since Adult Use regulations began, many states have contracted with cannatech companies to build “traceability” software. These systems track cannabis inventory like plants and products to help the state regulatory body with oversight and accountability. Since the cannabis industry is fractured not only by state but also by Medical and Adult Use, this post …